How To Repurpose Your Content


Quick Tips Video 

Welcome to another Quick Tips Videos where I am going to explain how you can save time and increase your productivity when creating content for your business. 

Creating content can be tough and very time-consuming! As a business owner and entrepreneur, I think we can all agree that time is our most important commodity. We want to save time and increase our productivity where we can.

The answer is content repurposing!

Content repurposing is a really fantastic process or hack that you can put into your business that will save you time. Taking one piece of content and getting the most out of it, is essential if you want to stay sane and not get overwhelmed with the marketing of your online business.

For our clients, this means they just give us one short video per week, with them speaking on their expert subject. We can then turn it into,

...a podcast episode, blog post, Youtube video, LinkedIn article, weekly subscriber email, short video clips for social media platforms such as TikTok, IG Reels, YouTube shorts, quotes from the video can be used to create quote cards or images, the list goes on. 

The magic happens from creating just one piece of content and being able to create lots of additional pieces of content that you can put across all your different types of social channels and all your different platforms, saving you time and really increasing your reach.

Plan where you want your content to lead people...

People will engage with your content and follow a path. You may be driving traffic to your blog post, to get people to join your email list, or maybe you are saying if you want to go and watch the video of this, go and check out my YouTube channel. On your YouTube information underneath the video, you can put links with a variety of resources, again linking them to more free content and your other social media channels. It's a really, really good way to get people immersed in your world.


Watch the video for all the details to get the most from your content. 

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