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Donna Elliott
Mindset Coach
Now Is Your Time

Andrew MacAskill
Career Coach & Job Search Expert
Executive Career Jump


Tara Rule
Positive Psychology Coach
Tara Rule Coaching

Client Love

When you have created your online course it is a bit like your baby - and who would you trust with your baby?

I did a lot of research into trying to find someone that properly understood the Kajabi platform, and after speaking to 3 – 5 different potential providers I came across Dee.

 The results: everything set up and working as it should any adjustments happily made by her and most importantly, I have clients signed up using the learning platform Dee built.

In summary I find her to be honest, professional and with good integrity with the bonus that she thinks out of the box and treats my work a bit like her work which is encouraging.

Erak Simmson
Fitness Coach & Heath Expert
Coach Me Slim & Trim


Yvette Pickard
Marketing Expert & Founder
Clarity Jane Marketing

Roy Ripper
Recruitment Expert, Author & Coach
Recruitment Blueprint

Client Love

I’ve been training corporate executives to be successful Brand Champions for 25 years, but it was only in the last 12 months that I realised I could (and wanted to) take all my knowledge into an online course. The only problem was that whilst I had the knowledge, I didn’t have the time. Nor a clue where to start.

I identified that Kajabi would be the best fit for me, but I just couldn’t get it going. I still had a day job, I’m a mother of young twins. I needed help.

And thank goodness that help was Dee.

I’ve been able to completely hand over all of the technical build of the course to Dee and her team. It’s looked after with absolutely no oversight by me and when I look at the finished result, I’m 100% happy. Dee has also offered support and guidance when I’ve needed a cheerleader and when I’m stuck on the marketing side of the course that’s been created.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dee for anyone who wants an absolute expert in Kajabi. Who can take the headache away from what to do, how to do it, how to build it… and get a result that they’re happy with.

Just work with her.

Rebecca Jabbar
Executive Coaching & Public Speaking Expert 
Brand Champion Bootcamp

Client Love

"I highly recommend Dee if you want to work with someone who cares as much about your business as you do.

She has been crucial to helping me build my business in so many areas including implementing a launch strategy for my podcast which got it to the ‘new and noteworthy’ section in iTunes and then marketing my podcast so that we were getting 1000’s of views every week.

Dee also created a website, membership site and full strategy for an ‘online virtual summit’ with over 20 guest speakers that resulted 100’s of new leads and over £30,000 in sales. The residual income from that event still continues today.

Roy Ripper
Recruitment Expert, Author & Coach
Recruitment Blueprint


Perry Mardon
Business Coach
Mardon International

Rachael Harrison
Fitness Coach
BYP Fitness

Client Love

I worked with Dee on my Kajabi website and launching my online courses which resulted me in calling her my 'Kajabi Angel' as she truly was an answer to my prayers.

I tend to jump quickly from one thing to another and so loved Dee's questioning and desire for clarity throughout the project - she did a great job of keeping me focused and on track!

Dee is amazing, if you need help getting the structure and content of your Kajabi site and course up and running, she can help!

Cynthia Matheny
DISC Coach

When I started using Kajabi I realized very quickly that there were certain things that weren’t super intuitive for me.

I was so glad to have met Dee and work with her on building my site. She is communicative, attentive, thoughtful and kind.

She has fantastic ideas and I appreciate her patience with me as I change my mind 1000 times!

I 100% recommend working with Dee!


Andrea Holland
PR Expert & Business Coach


Wendy Molyneux
Heartfulness Coach
Heartfulness Coaching

Client Love

Dee is super knowledgeable with a heart to help. Her guidance and provision of structure has been invaluable. We didn’t really know where to start with creating a sales page and she was able to not only get us started but bring what we would have done ourselves to a whole new professional, not to mention results driven level.

Louise Fowller
Author and Coach

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