Scale Your Business Online So That You Can Earn More But Work Less 

Crack the code to your online business success with our proven
6-step formula so that you can get seen, get selling and skyrocket your brand online in just 90 days!


Most business coaches and marketing experts only give you one piece of the puzzle to building a successful online business.

But short-term traction doesn't always give you long term success.

And the truth, is that different strategies work at different stages of business.

This is where we flip the script. 

'Get Seen & Get Selling Online' is all about giving you the complete roadmap for growing your brand online. In just 90 days, this coach-led program will give you all the tools, knowledge and proven marketing strategies you need to confidently sell your offers online with ease and create long-term scaleable growth enabling you to earn more, but work less.


Service Providers

You are an established service provider enjoying success in your business and you want to scale - you just don't want to be any busier! You currently use Instagram or Facebook as your platform but would like to give LinkedIn a go, and you'd also like some systems set up to save you time and take your business to that next professional level! 


You already have an established and successful offline business and are busy with 1-1 consultancy work - but you dream of having more time and the business not being so reliant on you. Passive income, revenue diversification and the ability to scale your brand online so that you can earn more but work less have been on your to-do list for a while! 


You are a coach selling a high-ticket 1-1 offer, but you know that you can't rely on selling via socials and client referrals forever! You want to have a clear strategic plan in place, feel real confidence in what you are doing and understand how to market yourself properly online so that you can bring consistent leads into your business and stop the revenue rollercoaster! 

Ready to take full advantage of this valuable online opportunity?



No clear marketing strategy

Relying on client referrals

Feeling unconfident and unsure

Trading your time for money

No revenue diversification

Relying on selling on socials

Jumping from one program to another

Inconsistent revenue months

Not knowing how to show up online

No scaleable business model

Doing everything manually

Working evenings and weekends

Unstable business model

Feeling uncomfortable with selling

Wondering what the next step is

Feeling like you 'don't know marketing'


A Clear Proven
Marketing Plan

Feel totally clear on what you need to do over the next 12 months on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to drive consistent enquiries and clients to your business so that you can create the impact and income you dream of.

Automated Lead and Sales Systems

Learn how to easy set up automated lead generation and lead nurture systems that will save you time and deliver consistent sales 24/7, so that you can spend less time on socials and admin and more time on you.

A Personalised
Growth Strategy

Understand what business model and offer suite YOU need to create the business that YOU want and provides consistent 5-figure months giving you the time and financial freedom you want for you and your family. 


A transformative 90-day coach-led group program for service providers, coaches and consultants who want to scale their brand online with clear and proven marketing strategies and automated systems that consistently drive enquiries and clients to their business so that they can create a scaleable business that allows them to earn more, but work less.


‚úď LIVE training and Q&A sessions every two weeks

‚ústImplementation weeks and co-working sessions

‚ústMember-only Slack channel community

‚ústSlack channel Q&A access¬†outside of call times


‚úď Email templates, landing page templates, scripts, checklists, content calendars and editable worksheets

‚úď Lifetime access to your training material

Ready to take the first step towards online business mastery?


Module 1
Your Audience, Message & Offer

‚úď Let's get those key foundations in place and take a deep dive look into YOUR AUDIENCE, YOUR MESSAGE & YOUR OFFER - so that we build together on solid ground

‚úď How to use AI as your assistant during the program

‚ústUnderstand your sales numbers so¬†that you can¬†hit your¬†REVENUE GOALS each month

‚ústGet clear on your THREE main marketing goals and why these are critical for your business to GROW

Module 2
Getting Followers & Building Subscribers

‚úď How to get VISIBLE in a way that feels right for you and grows your audience consistently

‚ústThe¬†TYPES OF ONLINE CONTENT¬†you should consider¬†creating in depending on what stage of business you are at, and your business goals

‚ústUnderstand the different¬†TYPES OF TRAFFIC available to you and how to use each one

‚ústHow to build a highly engaged EMAIL LIST that buys your products, programs and services using my unique CONNECT & CONVERT email marketing system

Module 3
Your Funnels & Email Systems

‚úď Let's talk funnels so that you have automated sales systems working in your business¬†bringing consistency and stability into your business and saving you time
‚ústHow to set up the ONE simple funnel you need in your business for consistent sales in your business
‚ústHow to set up the ONE simple automated email marketing sequence that sells for you while you sleep

Module 4
Your LinkedIn Content Marketing System

‚úď The power of CONTENT¬†MARKETING and how to make it work for you - specifically creating content to build your brand and grow your business on LinkedIn¬†¬†

‚ústGet clear on your¬†CONTENT POSITIONING¬†and create your CONTENT PILLARS so that your online messaging is always on point and on brand¬†

‚ústCreate your own personalised CONTENT SYSTEM so that you never have to wonder what to post again

‚ústHow to set up your LinkedIn profile so it works like a sales funnel to generate MORE conversations and MORE sales

Module 5
Your Personalised 12-Month Marketing Plan

‚ústLets create your comprehensive and personalised 12-MONTH MARKETING PLAN¬†

‚úď What you NEED to do on a DAILY basis on LinkedIn and other social platforms¬†to generate consistent leads and sales in your business
‚ústWhat¬†email, outreach and content creation activities you need to do on a weekly basis to¬†BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE


‚ústYour monthly LinkedIn and email strategy for generating MORE leads and MORE sales
‚ústThe power of¬†QUARTERLY CONVERSION EVENTS to bring cash injections into your business

Module 6
Scaling With The Right Offers & Biz Model

‚ústDifferent business models and offers work for different stages of business as well as your personal goals, and so it's important to ensure you have the right model and offer suite in place for where you're at right now...and where you want to be!

‚úď Creating online courses, coaching programs and membership sites are a great way to scale and create value for your clients so let's see what could work well for you

‚ústHow to move to a group program model when you want to take the pressure off 1-1 delivery and scale your revenue without increasing your hours

Yes I need this in my life!

No more excuses, let's get this done!


Yes, that's right! We're not just giving you one piece of the puzzle to growing your brand online, we're giving you the whole enchilada!

But don't worry, there's no chance of overwhelm because we give you a clear roadmap and lay out exactly what your 'right next thing' is depending on where you are in your business journey. 

And...you get lifetime access to all the online trainings, resources and all future updates so you can take your time and choose which strategy or module you want to implement and when. 

This coach-led program will take you on a hand-held journey that will give you all the tools, knowledge and proven strategies to scale your brand online and sell your offers with ease - and no sleaze! 

In just 90 days you will transform your approach to sales and marketing and create your own personalised 12-month plan so you know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to drive enquiries and clients to your business consistently.

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  • 90-day coach-led program
  • LIVE training and Q&A sessions every week & recorded replays
  • Member-only Slack channel community
  • Slack channel Q&A access outside of call times
  • Recorded replays
  • Email templates, landing page templates, scripts, checklists, content calendars and editable worksheets
  • Lifetime access to your training material so that you can grow with the program and dive into the right strategies and the right time for your growth
  • Option to stay in the group on a monthly basis after 90-days


  • A 1-1 strategy call with Dee (value ¬£697) (to be used within the 90 days)
  • Bonus 'How to use Instagram for leads and sales' masterclass (value ¬£197)
  • Save ¬£2000¬†when you sign up before the end of July and the investment rises to¬†¬£2997 + vat

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Hi, I’m Dee your digital marketing queen and the go to business strategist for businesses wanting to leverage their brand online.

I’ve spent over 15 years in the digital marketing and course creation space supporting business owners just like you to craft a comprehensive online presence that really resonates with your target audience and converts them into loyal customers.

Using my unique tools and methodologies along with my extensive experience, I’ve helped hundreds of service providers, coaches and consultants to unlock the secret to digital success by developing a clear and proven marketing plan, automated leads and sales system and a personalised growth strategy to skyrocket their online visibility and create long term scalable growth allowing them to up level their income without increasing their workload.

If you’re ready to tap into the valuable online space and unlock your businesses full potential then I am here to support you.

So, what future are you going to choose for yourself today?

Are you ready to start growing your business online with confidence, a proven plan and the opportunity for unlimited growth? 

This is all totally possible for you...and you DESERVE it!


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